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Versatile bulk image uploader with editing and enhancing capabilities
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Image Uploader is an open-source bulk-uploading utility that allows you to send your photographs and images to your favorite online hosting services. Together with its obvious uploading capabilities, this free tool offers you some other interesting functions, such as the possibility of taking screen captures, of extracting the frames of any of your video files, of changing the format of your images, and of resizing and watermarking them before sharing on the Web.

Image Uploader comes with a simple interface with just the basic options you need to make use of all its functionality. Though being an open source development, it is perfectly understandable that the functionality takes prevalence over the interface, a less Spartan one would surely improve its usability. The program’s main interface is also its main menu – you can drag and drop images here to start building your uploading list, or go directly to the screen capture or to the video frame extraction features.

The program provides you with technical information about the images on the uploading list, showing you thumbnails of all of them – video frames included – to double-check that the file selection was correct. Image Uploader can load your images and photos into more than 20 online hosting servers, including Dropbox, Mediafire, RapidShare, ImageShack, or Yandex. You will surely miss some obvious choices, such as Flickr, but it is nice to have access to not only image-related online services. (Flickr, however, is already available in the latest update of the portable version.) Regardless of your choice, the program will help you log in when necessary.

The batch uploading process may include some interesting options, such as the possibility of resizing the images on the fly, or of converting them – also on the fly – into at least JPEG, PNG, or GIF, plus to whatever other image codecs you may have installed on your system. The entire editing and uploading process will not take you more than a few minutes, and that is exactly what this tool was designed for in the first place. Do not expect fancy features or cryptic settings in unintelligible jargon, this is an open source tool to bulk-upload your images to your favorite online sites, and that it does well.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Includes screen capture capabilities
  • Extracts the frames of video files
  • Supports most well-known online image hosting services
  • Straightforward functionality


  • The overall interface design doesn't help its usability
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